It’s Parkinson’s Awareness Week, the perfect week to show your support

Well folks, just over a month before we set off on our charity challenge, so there’s still time to dig deep and sponsor us a few pounds for this worthy cause at

It’s actually Parkinson’s Awareness Week (10-16 Apr), so a perfect time to show your support! Here’s a little video from the charity and why they desperately need funding to find a cure. It’s called ‘WE WON’T WAIT’:

Thanks from me and dad for your amazing support. We’re at 90% of our target now, but of course, we’d love to smash it for Ron!



Can’t we get an Uber?! 

Today really felt like I was in training for our bus adventure – although Dad/Michael wasn’t actually with me as he was trying his luck at Cheltenham, so it was just Mum and I. 

After meeting Mum’s friend, we trot down the road to get our bus to Kingston (upon Thames, not Jamaica) and luckily the K1 was just coming along. I can honestly say that from the moment I boarded the bus I realised that I don’t actually like buses very much. Some of the reasons why below:

  • The awkwardness you feel when you take a seat near the front whilst all of the elderly watch on
  • The exaggerated slamming of brakes which causes you to occasionally head butt a metal pole
  • The piston sound of the doors opening and closing
  • The automated voice declaring every stop
  • The repeated ding ding of the bell. I’m sure the driver got the message when the first person dinged
  • The echos of ‘thank you driver’ as the punters pile off at their stop
  • You usually wait forever for a bus to come along, only to get 2 show up at the same time

Anyway after a lovely day, the thought of waiting at a dark bus stop in the bitter wind had lost it’s appeal, so an Uber it was! 

I could go on, and this journey was only 10 stops, so I’m thinking some kind of hypnotherapy might be required beforehand.  😂

Famous at last!

We’ve only gone and got our story in the local Scottish newspaper ‘The Ayr Advertiser’ and on their Facebook page. I can’t believe we only got 14 likes (oh, and 1 love), but hopefully it will generate a few extra  £’s – although the Scots aren’t known for their generosity. Hopefully they’ll surprise us. 😊

Read article here

What a lovely man!

Lovely RonI just want to thank everyone who has sponsored us already. We have raised an amazing £1115,00, but we still have just under 50% to go and it would be great to smash our target. We’re determined to do it for this lovely man. x

Please sponsor us here

Control freakery (is that an actual word?)

Late last night I decided to take a look at the bus route which Dad said was sorted. I’d avoided it up until now as I was trying very hard not to question my wise old Dad and continue to be the patronising, control freak daughter! I’m not quite sure if I’m glad I did, or whether this is the reason I only slept for 3 hours last night. Anyway, it turns out that 1 x bus doesn’t even exist after end Mar and one is a coach which goes on the M40 (strictly forbidden). I stopped at this point as the palpitations were starting to increase – especially as we are also having a night near the NEC in Birmingham!!! No offence, but it’s hardly a scenic stopover, and have you checked out the midweek hotel rates?! Gulp… I think we still have a lot of work to do before the 15th May.

Saving the world

If you’re an idealist like me, you have regular thoughts about how you can save the world (I often think I actually can), you want to continually help less fortunate people, get involved in charity events and volunteer. Not many of you know that I signed up for a shift at the Wildlife Centre in Leatherhead, as I stupidly thought I’d be hand feeding baby badgers or stroking poorly moles, but NO, I was put in the bird house where my duties involved cleaning their shitty cages and weighing them. Believe me, trying to get hold of a wild, sick, stressed out bird and get he/she on the scales is pretty bloody difficult. I dropped more birds than I weighed, so needless to say I knocked that on the head pronto. Anyway, you then get back to the real world and all you end up doing is sticking a few quid in a charity box, buying the odd Big Issue (I’m guilted into this all the time because I’ve already made eye contact, but it does genuinely contain some good articles), buying the odd raffle ticket for the Scouts or texting £3 to help some poor child staring down at you from a poster on the tube. Then come those irritating requests from people wanting you to sponsor them for some marathon, cycle, hike etc. I do sometimes give to such events too, as it’s easy to donate online these days, but you can’t give to everyone can you? So, where I’m going with this is please choose to sponsor moi and my pa, as this is a bit different and Parkinson’s needs your support. If you’ve sponsored us already, I thank you from the bottom of my heart – it will hopefully provide you with a weeks worth of entertainment too!  

Our story and fundraising page

ARRIVA we love you…

So, reality has set in and I’ve just realised that this bus malarkey to Scotland might get a bit pricey, or at least eat into the budget we haven’t actually set yet. But don’t worry, this won’t be coming out of the sponsorship, we are self funding this trip.

Having woken up to the fact that buses no longer cost 30p a ride, my cheeky, builder, cockney dad has been on to the bus company ARRIVA to try and blag a free bus pass for me. It’s been referred to their marketing team, so watch this space. He’s alright though, he has an OAP bus pass!

Why Ayr?

I’ve just realised that I haven’t really explained why we picked Ayr out of all the places in Scotland. Well, several reasons really –

  1. My husband is from there
  2. His parents still live there, so we’ve got some free digs when we arrive
  3. The place is actually lovely – if you live on the right side of town
  4. I like spending time with my in-laws
  5. I get to finally eat in Ayr India, down by the beach. Yes, there is an Indian restaurant called Ayr India!

For more information on Ayr click here:

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