The Last Post

One final post to let you all know that we’ve counted the coppers and cashed the cheques, and you lovely lot have helped us raise over £4K for Parkinson’s UK. This excludes the tax relief which is additional, so it’s an absolutely incredible amount.

When Dad decided to do this challenge for Ron, he was originally going alone and was hoping to raise a few hundred quid, so this is beyond our wildest dreams and will make a huge difference! To put it in to context:

– £20 pays for a specialist Parkinson’s nurse for an hour

– £48 pays for 2 weeks of nutrients to grow brain cells in the lab for research

– £140 pays for 10 helpline advisers to provide support and information

So, £4K will go a very long way and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We certainly won’t be getting on a bus anytime soon, but we had a lot of fun along the way, and it was hugely satisfying to do some good for such a worthy cause.

Thanks again, and here’s a few silly photos from our journey. xxx


From Bus to Beema (BMW)

Since we got off the Stagecoach # 42 in Ayr we have been shown great hospitality by the in-laws (AKA Joe ‘Senior’ and Denise). The weather has been beaut and we’ve been like proper tourists – although this time we’re being chauffeur driven in a Beema, which is much more to my liking.

We’ve enjoyed some much needed R&R and a proper kip (although Dad has bagged himself the luxurious double in the Alex Polizzi Suite and I’m in Joe’s smelly old room), and today I’ve even convinced Dad to go for a massage! 😉

Apart from ‘TRUMP’ Turnberry (he has brought some wealth into the area I suppose), you can’t beat a drive along the South Ayrshire coastline, and the sunsets are the best!

We’ve nearly reached the £4k (£250 short), so if you can drum up any interest from your rich and generous mates, our just giving page is here:
We’ve not quite finished our blog, so you haven’t got rid of us yet…..

We’re Ayr!! 

We made it folks!! We’re currently in my lovely friend Lorna’s garden celebrating with a glass of Champers. We’re both a bit emotional, but delighted we made it…

Overwhelmed with the generosity and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

Cheers Ron, this ones for you!

Ain’t no stopping us now, we’re on the move!

We have boarded our final bus, the Stagecoach #42 from Cumnock to Ayr on what has been an epic journey. We never imagined how exhausted and sore we would be, but it’s been fun and motivational. 

We have a lovely weekend in Scotland to look forward to and I personally can’t wait to get into the in-laws Jacuzzi bath with a glass of Champers. Fear not though people, it’s not one of those old 80’s Jacuzzi tubs where the minute you turn it on a load of scum and hair comes spewing out the holes, it’s a fancy one with sensors. In fact, God knows where Mr Sutcliffe Senior sourced it from, but I’m gonna bloody well enjoy it.

To all our lovely friends and family, thanks for all your support and generous donations. We will still be collecting over the weekend, so please tell all your friends we’re still collecting for the next few days. We’re determined to get over the £4k.

Contemplating life on the Stagecoach #246 to Cumnock 

After a lovely snack and a pot of tea for two in Dumfries, we are comfortably (thanks to the Tiger Balm muscle rub we’ve practically washed in) sat on the Stagecoach # 246 to Cumnock.

There’s not much to do but contemplate life whilst we have all this time on our hands, and to be honest we are too exhausted to talk!

The things I’ve learnt so far on this trip about Dad. 

  • He actually wanted to be a cop, but got talked out of it by his family (Mmmm, I wonder why? 😉
  • He got up to some very naughty things in his teens (mainly with this elder brother), but shush, don’t tell Mum!
  • That you should never take your parents for granted. Spend time with them whilst you can and ask them questions – it’s amazing what you find out. 😀

Carlisle, we didn’t give you a chance!

We’ve come to the conclusion that we’ve added to this challenge by finding the absolute worst parts of each town to stay (by accident as we’re on a budget). It’s only when we’re on our way out that we discover the ‘nice’ bits, so next year’s adventure will be to come back to the places we dissed (Leicester, Preston and Carlisle) and film/blog the best bits. It’s only fair….. 😀

Dated and tired, but welcoming!

Dated and tired, but welcoming was dad’s description when we eventually bowled through the rusty double doors of the Milton Hilltop Hotel. I actually thought he might punch me when we’d practically walked up what felt like the length of the A6 from Carlisle bus station to find this 80’s monstrosity waiting for us. Now, it’s not quite Faulty Towers or The Marigold Hotel, but this place has to be seen to be believed! To be fair to them, the bed is comfy, they make a decent Caesar salad and they have a 24hr bar, but thats about it. What do you expect for £44 though… 😀 p.s. I don’t think they’ll be hiring me to do their next hotel brochure.

Tired, but the best day so far!

We are now in our very dated 80’s 3 star ‘functional’ hotel in Carlisle (see separate blog post for full description and photographic evidence), but at least we’re not next to another highway. It’s been sooo tiring (it was 3 hrs from Lancaster to Keswick) but we got to spend a few hours checking out the Lake and the town, coo over a few cute lambs, stuff our faces with a pub lunch and a cream tea and collect a few quid in our bucket. We’re too exhausted to drink anymore, so we’re hitting the hay at 9.45pm. We’ve got to day 3 with no disasters, on-time buses and somewhere to rest our heads, so we’re hoping that our final day will bring the same luck. Below are some pics of today’s adventure: 

Did you know?

  • A whole 80p in every £1 given to Parkinson’s UK goes directly into research and helping people with this cruel disease. The other 20p into marketing to spread the word!
  • Dad loves to point out the price of diesel at every petrol garage. He gets particularly excited when it’s below £1.14 per litre. 😂
  • You can get a 7 day Stagecoach Gold pass for £28. This gets you unlimited travel around north Lancashire and Cumbria.
  • Dad has very fond memories of the Lake District with Ron, as we all spent family holidays here together when I was growing up.
  • Dad’s favourite takeaway food is Chinese.
  • Yesterday was a very long day. We were on the road for 12 hours, so we’re looking forward to spending a few hours in Keswick this afternoon. 

    We’re now on the Stagecoach 555 from Lancaster for 3 hours…😂

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