Saving the world

If you’re an idealist like me, you have regular thoughts about how you can save the world (I often think I actually can), you want to continually help less fortunate people, get involved in charity events and volunteer. Not many of you know that I signed up for a shift at the Wildlife Centre in Leatherhead, as I stupidly thought I’d be hand feeding baby badgers or stroking poorly moles, but NO, I was put in the bird house where my duties involved cleaning their shitty cages and weighing them. Believe me, trying to get hold of a wild, sick, stressed out bird and get he/she on the scales is pretty bloody difficult. I dropped more birds than I weighed, so needless to say I knocked that on the head pronto. Anyway, you then get back to the real world and all you end up doing is sticking a few quid in a charity box, buying the odd Big Issue (I’m guilted into this all the time because I’ve already made eye contact, but it does genuinely contain some good articles), buying the odd raffle ticket for the Scouts or texting £3 to help some poor child staring down at you from a poster on the tube. Then come those irritating requests from people wanting you to sponsor them for some marathon, cycle, hike etc. I do sometimes give to such events too, as it’s easy to donate online these days, but you can’t give to everyone can you? So, where I’m going with this is please choose to sponsor moi and my pa, as this is a bit different and Parkinson’s needs your support. If you’ve sponsored us already, I thank you from the bottom of my heart – it will hopefully provide you with a weeks worth of entertainment too!  

Our story and fundraising page


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