Can’t we get an Uber?! 

Today really felt like I was in training for our bus adventure – although Dad/Michael wasn’t actually with me as he was trying his luck at Cheltenham, so it was just Mum and I. 

After meeting Mum’s friend, we trot down the road to get our bus to Kingston (upon Thames, not Jamaica) and luckily the K1 was just coming along. I can honestly say that from the moment I boarded the bus I realised that I don’t actually like buses very much. Some of the reasons why below:

  • The awkwardness you feel when you take a seat near the front whilst all of the elderly watch on
  • The exaggerated slamming of brakes which causes you to occasionally head butt a metal pole
  • The piston sound of the doors opening and closing
  • The automated voice declaring every stop
  • The repeated ding ding of the bell. I’m sure the driver got the message when the first person dinged
  • The echos of ‘thank you driver’ as the punters pile off at their stop
  • You usually wait forever for a bus to come along, only to get 2 show up at the same time

Anyway after a lovely day, the thought of waiting at a dark bus stop in the bitter wind had lost it’s appeal, so an Uber it was! 

I could go on, and this journey was only 10 stops, so I’m thinking some kind of hypnotherapy might be required beforehand.  😂


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