Does it really take 2 hrs, 52 minutes from Stockport to Bolton??!!!

I think it’s going to be a bloody long afternoon and I’m feeling a bit ratty as I didn’t sleep very well. The Campanile did the job, but the room was like an oven. Anyway, Dad slept, so he’s still chipper! πŸ˜€ We made it out of Leicester alive and safely into Derby. After elevensies we were waved off by my lovely friend Jo who lives nearby in Ashbourne, so that was super nice.

We’re now going through the lovely Derbyshire Dales (Matlock/Bakewell/Buxton) – which are definitely worth a visit if you’ve never been, especially if you enjoy walking and quaint towns and villages.

When we get to Stockport we have a hideous 3 hr  journey and it doesn’t stop there. We’ve still got to get to Preston!!

I definitely feel some more G&T’s coming along….


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